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About EDIA:

Easy Does It Adventures, LLC creates unique group travel vacations for clean & sober folks. Our current trips include SCUBA adventures as well as a cool Surfing getaway!

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We believe in being sober, not sedate!

About Beck:

I’m a sober traveler with a passion for recovery, nature, and adventure!

I became a SCUBA diver after getting in to recovery. It was one of those “bucket list” goals. It was a life-changing experience. Every time I go underwater, I find a nearly meditative place. Floating underwater, the sound of exhaled bubbles in my ears, I find a connection with something greater than myself.  It’s my underwater 11th step!

Like many people in recovery, I have found new energy and passion for life since becoming sober. I want to share that energy with other people. I became a PADI SCUBA Instructor in order to share my passion and knowledge of the underwater world. I'm also a Motorcycle Safety Instructor!

When I’m not underwater or cruisin' the back roads on 2 wheels, I'm a Consultant for small to medium sized businesses and I sell dive travel.


About E: 

My name is Elizabeth Vingo, but everybody calls me E.  I was born in California but have spent the majority of my life in South and Central America.  I am happiest without shoes and living on beans and rice.

I have a BA in Spanish, and a AA in Addiction Studies.  I currently work in the field of chemical dependency as a drug and alcohol counselor in Port Angeles, Washington.  And I surf.  ALOT.

I learned to surf in Puerto Rico in my 30's, and surfing has been a catalyst in my own recovery from drugs and alcohol.  the ocean keeps me centered, humbled and right sized.  I can never be bigger than the ocean.  I can never beat the ocean.  I will never conquer this sport, because the ocean is always changing.  The ocean will always have something new to teach me.  This is where I find my higher power. 

I work in the field of chemical dependency as a drug and alcohol counselor.  My life's goal is to someday own a retreat, preferably in Panama or some other awesome location in the world, and support people in recovery in their quest for freedom from drugs and alcohol,  show them a better way, get them in touch with the great outdoors,  get their dopamine flowing in a natural way, and embrace all this awesome planet has to offer.



About Our Trips:

Some trips will be entirely sober spaces. For example, we may charter an entire live-aboard diving boat to create a sober space. Other trips, we will be in regular resorts or hotels. We’ll spend a lot of time in the stated adventure activity, for example: diving, or riding, or surfing!  The rest of the time will be yours, but we’ll have plenty of optional adventures and activities for you to join in.

Wherever possible, we’ll attend local 12-step meetings; and if they’re not available, we’ll hold our own.  You don’t have to go, but they will be there for support in your recovery.

Come enjoy some of life's natural highs with us!