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Is Easy Does It Adventures for me?

EDIA trips are for people in recovery from drugs & alcohol (and their allies). Whether you are new to recovery or an “old timer” you will find community and a shared vision with us. Your anonymity will be unequivocally respected at all times. For support, we’ll have daily 12-step meetings on-site or attend ones in the community we are visiting, but attendance is strictly voluntary and up to you.

Are the trips completely drug & alcohol free?
While most of our activities will be completely alcohol free, our journeys will bring us to exciting locations with people from many different cultures where, just as in everyday life, there will occasionally be alcohol present.  It is suggested that you are spiritually fit for travel, and that 12-step program members check with their sponsors before booking any trips. We have a zero tolerance policy for illegal drugs.

Not clean/sober but travelling with someone who is? (You’re an ally!)
You don’t have to be in a 12-Step program to go on our trips but all of our trips are drug & alcohol free. Certainly, we will be travelling out in the real world so alcohol will be available at hotels, resorts and restaurants; but in keeping with the our goal of creating safe space for clean & sober travelers, all of our group activities, tours, and group dining will be drug & alcohol free.

Are the trips primarily couples?
Not at all! Most (60% to 70%) of our travelers are single people travelling by themselves. Others are couples. Others still are friends travelling together. Travelling alone is not unusual and you will have the opportunity to meet new friends and travel buddies. If you are travelling alone, we can usually match you with a roommate to save you money, or you can choose to pay the single supplement to guarantee your own room.

How old are the folks who go on these trips?
Our adventurers run the gap from the 20s on up to the 60s and beyond but most are 30 or 40-something folks with a sense of adventure and a desire for an active vacation.

How many people will be on this trip?
The average group size varies. Usually 10 to 15 people on land-based trips. For SCUBA, most liveaboards accommodate 16-20 divers. We want to create an intimate and friendly atmosphere where everyone can get to know each other and no one feels left out.

I'm traveling by myself. Do I have to pay the single supplement?
EDIA will help match you to a roommate if one is available. Or, if you prefer, you can pay the single supplement and be guaranteed your own private room. Some exceptions apply.




I don’t know how to SCUBA dive, can I learn on the trip?
Many of our vacations offer the opportunity to learn to dive but it is recommended that you get certified before the trip so you can spend more time diving. We suggest you at least complete the Course and Pool sections before the trip (this is called a “Referral” process).  

Email us  for more information on SCUBA diving and how to get certified.

Certification upgrades and Specialty courses are available on most trips. Inquire about them when you are booking!

I am a newly certified or novice SCUBA diver, is this trip for me?
Yes, in most cases. Most of our trips are for divers of all levels and abilities. In the rare situation where the diving requires more experience, it will be noted in the trip details.



I don’t know how to ride a Motorcycle, can I learn on the trip?
Sorry, no. Our trips are for already licensed motorcyclists.

Want to learn to ride? We suggest a Motorcycle Safety Foundation “Basic Riders Course.” You can find more information here: www.msf-usa.org

How much experience do I need?
For most trips, 1 year or 3000 miles experience will suffice. If additional experience is necessary or recommended, it will be clearly noted in the trip details.

How much riding will we do each day?
See the trip details for a day-by-day itinerary including riding distances.